• Attorneys need four essential qualities to be successful in the largest, most competitive firms.
  • Those qualities are intelligence, work ethic, perseverance, and social intelligence.
  • These qualities, however, are only needed to work within the largest firms.
  • If an attorney does not have all of these qualities, but still wishes to practice law, that attorney should consider a career outside of large, major law firms.
Learn what qualities you must have to succeed in a large law firm in this article.

One of the reasons so many attorneys are unhappy and unsuccessful is because they put themselves in situations in which they are not suited and thus continually come up against resistance. This happens frequently in legal job searches and legal careers. Attorneys who do not have high levels of the four specific qualities of intelligence, work ethic, perseverance, and social intelligence try to get jobs at—and succeed in—major law firms. Their efforts are not successful because attorneys need to have these four qualities to succeed in major law firms. This leads to those attorneys facing needless and debilitating career failure and unhappiness.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

This is absurd. I have nothing against self-improvement—and am all for it—but it is crazy for attorneys to push themselves into situations where their natures and innate skills will not be rewarded. When it comes to working in the largest and most competitive law firms, your ability to advance and thrive will be largely determined on the basis of your (1) intelligence, (2) work ethic, (3) ability to persevere, and (4) social or emotional intelligence. If you do not have most or all of these qualities, you will experience resistance if you insist on trying to work in major law firms. If you do not have these qualities, but love the law and want to practice law in a fulfilling manner, you should consider career choices that do not involve major law firms.