Why You Will Never Succeed at Practicing Law Until You Understand This One Thing

The reason for this success is so fundamental and should be so apparent—however, it is missed by almost every attorney throughout their career. Because it is missed so often, many attorneys end up unfulfilled, unsuccessful, and unable to advance and be happy when they should be.

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A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

You can learn what these attorneys are doing wrong by looking around you. There are examples of this everywhere you turn. The cause of why attorneys succeed or fail can be seen just by watching businesses in whatever area of the country you are.

My office is in an upscale shopping mall in the center of Malibu, California. Since Malibu is a small town of no more than 10,000 full-time residents (probably far less) and the rent is expensive, this mall cannot support many stores—and the stores that open there need to know exactly what to do to appeal to customers. While there are summer tourists and people who come out on the weekends, Malibu is about an hour from most areas of Los Angeles with traffic, so the majority of shoppers there are local.