Five Keys to Making Partner

1. Legal Skill Set

Most managing partners of law firms with whom I have spoken have said that the number-one attribute an attorney must have is an outstanding legal skill set. This should be developed over time at your law firm. You have to be able to write well, know and understand the law in your practice area, and be able to explain the law to attorneys and non-attorneys.

If you feel that you are not getting the proper skill set, you should speak with the partners or professional development attorney to assist you. If that does not solve the problem, you are likely at the wrong firm.

2. A Good Mentor

It is important that you have a good mentor at your firm who is patient and willing to teach you. It is difficult to come up through a firm on your own. You need guidance and good feedback on your legal research and writing skills. You need a partner to give you good work. You will also need partners who will speak up for you at the partnership/review meetings.