Narcissistic entitlement syndrome
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

One of the greatest problems facing young associates inside law firms is what I call Narcissistic Entitlement Syndrome ("NES"). Attorneys who suffer from NES often very quickly find themselves out of jobs, whether they quit, are fired, or simply move among employers to deal with the false sense of entitlement that accompanies this disorder. I need to be clear that this narcissistic personality, in my opinion, is an extremely serious subject and something I believe probably at least 10% of the associates in large and prestigious law firms suffer from NES. This is a disorder that causes a sense of entitlement, and I see it virtually every week in my conversations with attorneys. These symptoms of narcissism will cause problems in your career.

This article (a) defines NES and its symptoms and (b) explores the effects of the Entitlement Syndrome on your career.

A. Narcissism Entitlement Syndrome (NES) Definition