A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes
  1. What are the most important rules of thumb for attorneys to remember about law firm job interviews?
  2. What is the best way to develop a rapport with the interviewer?
  3. Is there a decent way to answer the dreaded question “Tell me a little about yourself?”
  4. Can you recommend any particular resources for doing research on a firm prior to the interview?
  5. What if you’re asked to address your personal weaknesses?
  6. How do you address inappropriate questions, like are you married, or questions about politics?
  7. Does the adversarial nature of lawyers work against attorneys in a job interview situation?
  8. What’s the best way to summarize your entire background?
  9. What about under-qualified attorneys? How can they address a question about their background?
  10. How about after the interview … thank you letter or no thank you letter?
  11. What’s the best way to handle a bad interview?
  12. How can a qualified attorney screw up in the interview?
  13. “Are you interviewing anywhere else?” “Why are you leaving your present position?” or “Why did you leave your present position?” — how do you address this? What if you parted on bad terms?
  14. What about “How did you do in law school?” Can you honestly answer the question if you didn’t do well in law school or went to a bad school?
  15. How important are the clothes you wear?
  16. Any advice for the shy? How do you appear to be confident when nervous?
  17. What are the differences in interviewing with a big firm vs. a small or mid-sized firm?
  18. How should an attorney handle an interview in an unconventional situation? Law firms will often take you out to lunch or for drinks to get to know you.
  19. What are the differences between interviews with associates and junior partners and interviews with senior associates and partners?
  20. What about video conference and telephone interviews?
  21. How important is it to ask questions?
  22. What questions should be avoided?
  23. Can you recommend additional resources about law firm interviews?

1. What are the most important rules of thumb for attorneys to remember about law firm job interviews?