The #1 Thing You Need to Say in Legal Job Interviews to Get a Job

  • In the law profession, any weakness is portrayed as a fatal flaw.
  • This is why it is imperative that attorneys who are interviewing need to project strength.
  • During the interviewing process an attorney needs to become an advocate and represent themselves as competent, strong and mistake free.

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I have been "packaging" attorneys and selling them to law firms and legal employers the majority of my career. I have some secrets. If an attorney really understands these secrets, they can be enormously effective in interviews, in cover letters and more.

A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes
The secret I am about to share with you is so powerful, I am not even sure I should be sharing it. It works so well. But, regardless of who you are, I want you to do well.

If you understand this secret—truly understand it—you can be absolutely triumphant in your interviews. Legal employers will want to hire you. This secret seems to work on a subconscious level on attorneys making them want to bring you in the door to start working immediately.