What are some brief rules of thumb for attorneys to remember about law firm interviews?

Nine Rules of Thumb for Attorney Interviews

  • Dress for success. The way you dress will reflect to the law firm how you will present yourself to clients and others.
  • Give concise answers. Long rambling answers will always negatively affect your chances of landing the job. Let the interviewers draw their own conclusions.
  • Don't get into detail about previous work. Revealing too much about old jobs, clients, or cases will make you seem untrustworthy.
  • Be aware of your body language. You can say a lot without opening your mouth, so remain conscious of it.
  • Be honest. You're not expected to be superhuman, so stretching the truth can only get you into trouble.
  • Be prepared. Come into the interview knowing what you want to get across and ready to take on some tough questions. Know what's on your resume. Getting caught off guard by something on your own resume reflects poorly on you.
  • A job interview is like a blind date in that both sides feel a little nervous and forced. Standard blind date rules apply: nice handshake, maintain eye contact, smile when appropriate, and always listen!
  • Listening is the most crucial part. It can be difficult for attorneys to get out of talking mode, but the interviewer should do about 80% of the talking.
  • Paraphrase what the interviewer says back to him or her to show you are paying attention.

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