How To Ace a Phone Interview

  • Why A Phone Interview?

A phone interview is very common when firms are talking to an attorney who is located out of town. However, I am seeing more phone/screening interviews happening even for local candidates. Many candidates are confused or insulted when this happens to them.

Firms are run more efficiently than they used to be. When I started practicing law in the early 2000s, phone interviews were rare, even for out of town attorneys. If they liked your resume, they brought you into the office. Firms wasted a lot of time and money doing this, and thus, the screening interview has become far more common. Many firms even have the screening interviews conducted by the recruiting coordinator, rather than they attorneys, so as to not to waste the attorneys’ time.
  • The Common Goals of a Phone Interview

As an interviewee, your goal in a preliminary interview is a focused goal: to get a second interview. The firm usually will either have very targeted questions about your experience, or they will ask very broad questions. This is because you will likely face one of two scenarios: the firm either wants to know that in general, you have the type of personality that they want, or they are looking for very specific experience before moving to the next step with you.