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Throughout my years as a practicing attorney and now as a legal recruiter, I have come to realize that while some people are inherently confident about their interviewing skills, most people get very nervous about interviews. Thus, for the vast majority of us, it goes without saying that interview preparation is essential, helpful, and absolutely necessary.

The Importance of Interview Preparation — No Matter How Confident You Feel about Your Interviewing Skills

But confident attorneys beware! The bottom line is that no matter how great you believe your interviewing skills are and no matter how many interviews you have "nailed" in the past, everyone benefits from proper preparation. Just as any competent attorney prepares for a client meeting, so too must the job-seeking attorney prepare for the interview.

As a helpful starting point, the following are five issues that even the most confident attorney should consider when preparing for an upcoming interview.

1. How will you answer the question "Why are you looking?"

Everyone who has ever made a lateral move has had to answer this question. It comes in many forms: "Why are you looking?" "What brings you here today?" "So, tell me about your situation." Whatever form it takes, we all know it is coming. Yet attorneys are just as likely to struggle with this question as they are to struggle with the question that comes out of left field. Why is that?