The Law Student's Interview Cheat Sheet


“Self-awareness is critical. You need to show that you have really evaluated yourself, your skills, and your interests. For example, if you are interested in litigation, be able to explain why you are interested in it and WHY you think you would be good at it. Give specific reasons!”

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“Have questions for every interviewer, even if it means asking the same questions multiple times. Interviewers always comment negatively on candidates who do not have any questions. To interviewers a candidate with no questions is not interested in them or the firm.

“The most impressive interviewers are those who can clearly articulate why they are interested in our firm, with specific reasons that are based on research.”

“Know our bios. If you can’t take the time to research us, that’s a sign of a bigger problem.”

“I am always impressed with students who can explain why they went to law school and, more importantly, where they see themselves in five years. I’m not really that concerned about the actual answer, but it’s important to me that a student takes his/her career seriously enough that he/she has given this some thought.”

“Do not discount the importance of writing samples. Those that review them take them seriously. Make sure you are providing your best possible work and triple-check for typos and Bluebooking.”

Take advantage of your law school career services office. They are experts and can really help you make sure you are preparing the right way.”