Many attorneys believe that if they do well in law school, get a good job and work hard, they will have happy and successful law firm careers. Failure is far more likely than success.

Most attorneys put a ton of work into becoming attorneys, working in law firms, and failing. It is not called failure, of course. Most of the time, it is something else.
Regardless, there are so many factors you will be unable to control that your odds of failure are much higher than your odds for success.

I have met talented attorneys several times in my legal career who lost control over their legal careers. They often do so through minimal fault of their own or simply because they could not process what was happening to them in the best way. I have seen many attorneys go to prison who had top law firm and law school credentials. I have seen countless attorneys die prematurely. However, most frequently, I have seen attorneys give up or quit law firms, or quit law entirely.

For the most part, attorneys and future attorneys believe that the negative things that happen to others will not happen to them. From what I have seen, though, this belief is wrong. Bad things do happen to a lot of attorneys, and many people cannot control what happens and need to be aware and ready for these things.

The world is a meritocracy where the people who work the hardest and do the best succeed. However, the legal profession is not a complete meritocracy. Instead, many things happen that you simply have no control over and can do profound and immediate harm to your legal career inside a law firm. This article discusses many of these things.
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Law firms are relatively simple businesses when it comes to their relationship with attorneys. They hire the highest quality labor they can to work at the lowest price to produce legal services for paying clients. There will always be downward pressure on wages in any law firm. The more people there are like you, the less they can pay.

Law firms want to hire the best human machines they can to do the most work they can at the lower possible price.