• The lifespan of an attorney’s career is dominated by two stages – apprentice and builder.
  • The apprentice learns, observes, accrues goodwill, and learns the finite details that make for a strong attorney.
  • The builder stage of an attorney’s career is when an attorney is building a business, especially as they bring in more business to the law firm.

Understand the Two Stages of a Law Firm Attorney’s Legal Career

In law firms, there are two stages of an attorney’s career.
A. Harrison Barnes

Most attorneys in large law firms do not have the long-term vision or staying power they need to become truly successful apprentices or builders. As a result, they get chewed up and spit out by their institutions without succeeding at either two stages. If you want to succeed in a law firm, nothing is more important than understanding where you fit and doing everything you can to succeed in each stage.