The One Simple Rule You Must Understand for for Succeeding in a Law Firm: Ignore this Rule at Your Own Peril
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

When an attorney starts at any law firm, the attorney will quickly be introduced to various people within the firm who will share a negative view of the firm and, when it comes to firm management (i.e., the people who support the attorney and provide the attorney with a job), will speak in terms of “us versus them.” In fact, most attorneys who work in law firms are exposed to a literal parade of people coming into their offices, going out to lunch with them, texting them, taking them out for drinks, emailing them and calling them on the phone to discuss how things are so negative and wrong inside of their law firms.
  • The people instigating these conversations and negative way of thinking never last inside of law firms.
  • In most instances, the people who choose to listen to and participate in this way of thinking also will be gone in short order.
You must never think or act negatively towards the powers that feed you.

This rule should be tattooed on the arm of every law student and attorney out there. It is the people who do not understand this simple rule who are responsible for the majority of the angst and negativity associated with the legal profession. Additionally, many highly qualified attorneys—who otherwise would be successful in the legal profession—leave the practice of law because they do not understand this one simple rule.