Learn 20 reasons why there really is no such thing as a lifestyle law firm and why you should beware moving from a large firm to a boutique in this article.

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A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Attorneys working in large law firms tell me on a daily basis that they are interested in working in boutique firms and are even “somewhat flexible” when it comes to their salaries in order to achieve that dream. Who has such a dream and what is it?

You are overworked and feel unappreciated in your large law firm. You feel all alone, dissatisfied, and anxious. You see no future at your large firm and fear you will never be able to bring in clients or develop anything other than a small book of business. But wait … you think … maybe everything would be different in a boutique law firm! If you left your large firm and went to a boutique firm, all your concerns would be alleviated and you would finally be happy practicing law. If you could just make this kind of move, you are certain things would turn around for the better. You would be surrounded by other attorneys who were equally dissatisfied in large law firms and have similar credentials to you. Your dream is that everything will be great once you make the move to a boutique firm.

There are different versions of this dream, of course. In most cases, though, the people who have this dream are attorneys working in large law firms, who are unhappy with their current situations, and who have convinced themselves that their problems would be solved if they moved to smaller law firms.