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With respect to my legal placement professional specifically, I think she was very responsive, she was very proactive and seems like I got her attention and she was out there looking for opportunities for me. She was in a difficult position in part because I was working with 2 search firms before I touched base with her, so a lot of the obvious firms and opportunities were already being pursued by 2 other firms, so I wasn't expecting much, but I think she did a great job in thinking beyond the obvious opportunities and a little outside of the box, so to speak. I also wanted to mention that I appreciate the resources, brochures and publications by Harrison that provided a lot of insight in terms of interview tips and search strategies and things like that, which I found very valuable and was not something I was getting from the other 2 search firms that I had been working with. You guys handled a lot of the aspects of the logistics of setting up the interviews and getting quick feedback after interviews, definitely scouring the firms and opportunities available. In southern California, one thing that she did that I was not doing, was looking a little beyond LA which is where I was and was looking and I ended up in Orange Country which I am very happy about, so that was one thing that she did that definitely made things easier for me and ultimately more productive from the perspective of 1, getting to meet more firms and 2, finding the place I really liked the best. I have worked with a few search firms in the past, when I moved from DC to LA, but I really feel like BCG was really the best go to in terms of picking up a tough situation where I was already working with 2 search firms and thinking what value could they add at that point, also, the resources as I said, a lot of this is of Harrisons opinions and views on things which I talked about with my legal placement professional, whether he is right or wrong about these things, it's really good and valuable to have that view in the middle of the search process in terms of what the firms are looking for, what you should be looking for, what you should be thinking about, that to me really puts BCG above others and just based on the spring of this year, I was looking at so many different firms and job postings and it seems like BCG had so much more in terms of job postings and opportunities and contact.

Gregory Sergi

Duke University School of Law, Class Of 2007

Placed at Keller/Anderle LLP

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