There have always been law firm mergers, but this year brought the largest law firm merger (by headcount) to date, with U.K.-based Dentons merging with China's Dacheng Law Offices. The combined global powerhouse of "Dacheng Dentons" has 6,400 lawyers, offices in 50 countries, and gross revenue of $1.65 billion.
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The world's second-largest firm by headcount is Baker & McKenzie, also an international force with offices in Saudi Arabia and Myanmar as well as more traditional venues. Baker & McKenzie has 4,300 lawyers and gross revenue of $2.54 billion.

Given the wave of mergers that has swept through the legal industry it is no surprise that Dentons itself a product of mergers. U.K.-based Denton Wilde Sapte merged with U.S.-based Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal in 2010 to form SNR Denton. Then, in 2013, SNR Denton merged with Canada's Fraser Milner Casgrain and the French firm Salans to form Dentons.