Learn the 10 things that separate successful law firm attorneys from the rest in this article.

The most successful attorneys in most law firms always show up. It is never enough just to be doing the work you are given. I have spent roughly the past 20 years speaking with attorneys looking for jobs inside of law firms on a daily basis. From a law firm’s review of your resume to their “evaluation” of you once you start working there, people are constantly watching to see if you are “showing up.”
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Attorneys who are selected to work in the best law firms and remain in the best law firms consistently do more than their peers—and show up more often. Physically and mentally, they show up more than their peers—and as time goes by they get better and better at showing up. Working in the largest and best firms—and staying there—is all about showing up. This is how the “game” works and understanding this is the key to success at all levels of the profession.

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At some point in their careers, most attorneys stop showing up.
  • Many lose their enthusiasm when they are in law school and start out as an attorney never showing up.
  • Other attorneys lose their will when they are a year or two into the practice of law.
  • Other attorneys stop showing up after ten years when they get tired and give up.