As most attorneys know, associates are most marketable between their 3rd to 5th years of practice. As associates get more senior in experience, lateraling to another firm often becomes more difficult, especially when the candidate has no portable business. In recent years, given the declining market conditions, it's no longer enough to have an elite law firm pedigree, a strong substantive skill set and a lot of experience. Today, senior associates who are looking to make a lateral move need to work harder to set themselves apart from the competition.
Senior Associates - How to Make Oneself More Marketable to Law Firms

Now more than ever, clients are demanding cost efficiencies and lower billing rates. Clients simply won't pay senior associate billing rates when junior and mid-level associates can perform the same task at a friendlier price point. This means that clients, and in turn law firms, are generally only willing to invest in senior associates to the extent they bring something unique to the table. Below are examples of ways senior associates can make themselves more marketable to law firms:

Niche Practice Area or Sub-Specialty Expertise: