Are You a ''Me-Focused'' or a ''You-Focused'' Interviewee?

The first type of question is "me-focused." A me-focused legal job interview question is a question to which you, the interviewee, would like to have an answer. On the other hand, a "you-focused" question deals with the interests and needs of the interviewers.

During an interview, one of the most important tips on how to be successful in an interview is, you only have a few minutes to make a very good impression on the partners (who are the most relevant decision makers), and assuming your goal is to receive an offer, you need to choose selectively the types of interview questions you should ask.

The questions you ask provide the partners with a clear window into your head; questions illustrate your mindset and suggest your priorities and goals. If you are interested in how to succeed in an interview, the pertinence and clarity you exhibit with questions you ask will identify you as a great candidate. They show where you're at in your head. As such, one of the best tips on interviewing is understanding the differences between me-focused and you-focused questions. Understanding these successful interview techniques can have a tremendous impact on your interview success with partners.