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Brian assisted in placing me at McGuireWoods, and I have now finished my second month here. So far, so good. Brian really went above and beyond in first, evaluating what would be a good fit for my career trajectory, and second, making sure we promptly followed up on opportunities to maximize the probability of being considered. When we initially met Brian really took the time to understand my work background, career path, and personality so that he knew exactly how to market me to firms, but also what would be a good fit. I was even incredibly hesitant at the beginning because, although I was very confident in my work experience, I didn't know if all of the other numerous details like my transcript and law school could create the right result. Basically, meeting with Brian to discuss these possibilities took me in an unexpected but ultimately extremely rewarding direction. After I was offered an interview, Brian was extremely quick to make sure that I would be prepared. When Brian and I met for interview preparation, he gave me a rundown of all the normal things to expect, but also imparted a lot of his experience and wisdom from his years practicing as well as in recruiting. This was invaluable because, whether or not I followed each instruction to a tee, it set the tone and gave me the momentum to go in and interview feeling completely prepared. I believe that level of preparation really provided a confidence that made the difference. As well, even when I had doubts or inconsequential concerns, Brian took every effort to address those or put me at ease. In my case, there was a long waiting process to hear back. Brian, as I now know, followed up regularly to make sure that this opportunity wouldn't go away. In the end, I believe they said and did exactly what they needed to retain the attention of this firm. I can't say enough about how glad I am that Brian reached out when they did, for offering me this opportunity, and for helping me turn it into a huge jump in my career.

Karen Luh

University of San Diego School of Law, Class Of 2004

Placed at McGuireWoods LLP.

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