“Death in life is a mode of existence in which one has ceased all play; there are no further striving for titles. All competitive engagement with others has been abandoned. For some, though not for all, death in life is a misfortune, the resigned acceptance of one’s loser status, a refusal to hold any title up for recognition.”

     Finite and Infinite Games, James P. Carse

Why You Will Never Succeed at Practicing Law Until You Understand This One Thing

One of the more disturbing things that I frequently witness among attorneys is when the motivation saps out of them and they start settling for much less than they can become, take jobs that do not challenge them, and walk away from the "game" of trying to be the best attorney they can be.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Most people who do this end up regretting it. I run into former attorneys all the time who tell me they went to a good law school, worked a year or two in a big firm, or did this or that but then gave up. This is the norm.

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