Learn what makes the best attorneys the best.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Over the past several years I have met and been exposed to legions of amateur and professional actors and actresses. At one point, I was even spending several days a week in acting class and travelling the world for various conferences with professional actors. Additionally, I live in a neighborhood and around various well-known and famous actors and actresses. I see these people at school functions and other social functions. Our children play together and I meet and see these people regularly.

I say none of this because I think it is a "special" thing. I am not, by any means, part of this or friends with any of the famous people in this business. I bring it up because I have observed that the people who become (and stay) famous in the film industry have certain common characteristics, and I have observed that the attorneys who succeed (and stay successful) in the legal world have these same common characteristics. You can only rise to the top and stay there when you have the characteristics of a "true star"—and are not an amateur. If you are an amateur, you will rarely go far.
Learn what makes the best attorneys the best.

Many people go into acting because they want to be famous, be rich, or they want the approval of an audience (or something in between). These sorts of people are common and comprise the majority of people in the acting world and also the legal world. These sorts of people are motivated by their own need to feel important. They may have some natural looks, natural talent and enough drive to blast past others, but they are not necessarily as talented as the people they outshine.
  • Just because you are extremely attractive does not mean you can be a good actor.
  • Just because you are extremely smart does not mean you will be a good attorney.