In every organization, there are people who are positive forces that lead, inspire, and build and others who are negative forces that criticize, depress, and tear down. This dichotomy can be carried further to cover virtually any social group. This distinction is so clear that a cognizable argument could be made that most people can be grouped into one category or another. Which are you? In life, as in work, you will be faced with a decision of which group to join, and your decision will have a meaningful effect on your long-term success. Whether or not your workplace is composed mainly of builders or destroyers will also have a meaningful effect on your organization's overall success.

Why Your Success and Happiness as an Attorney is About Being Someone Who Builds the Firm and People there Up and is Not a Source of Negativity and Problems
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

The builder vs. destroyer dichotomy is perhaps most apparent in the legal community. Many studies have confirmed that lawyers, as a group, suffer more from psychological problems, such as depression, than other professions. Because the role of a destroyer is to criticize, depress, and tear down, there are likely to be a greater number of destroyers in the legal profession than in most other professions.

In your own legal organization, whatever it may be, there will be people who rarely talk negatively about the organization and seek to contribute to it in an ongoing, positive way. These individuals will have kindred spirits and followers. Conversely, most legal organizations have people who are constantly dissatisfied with the organization and their jobs and share their feelings with anyone who will choose to listen. These people will also have kindred spirits and followers. Such groups are readily identifiable in most law firms.