Learn about the importance of teamwork in selecting a law firm and why this is crucial to your future success.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

People across all cultures and societies have a need to belong and be part of a team. We feel like we belong when we are around others who share our values and beliefs. All of us need to feel like we are part of a group that will protect us. Countries, cities, schools, companies, law firms and other groups are all organized and have certain ways of doing things and thinking about issues that make the people that populate that group feel like they belong.
We choose our friends, employers and mates based on factors that we cannot necessarily define, but are relevant to how we come together with people as a group. When attorneys interview with law firms, or choose whom to associate with, there are things they pick up on that let them know how something "feels" and whether or not it is appropriate for them. You cannot explain why you are attracted to a certain person and feel comfortable with them in rational words. You may say that they are "interesting" or fun to be around, but it is more than that. It is a sense of feeling safe around the person and being accepted and protected by them.