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What an Attorney Should Do to Protect their Career if (1) You Are Worried About a Recession, (2) This is a Recession, or (3) a Major Slowdown in Work at Your Firm (or in Your Practice Area)

Listen to What an Attorney Should Do to Protect their Career if (1) You Are Worried About a Recession, (2) This i....

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Why Partners With Business in Law Firms Should Always Be Looking for New Firms

If you are a partner with business in a law firm you should always be looking look for greener pastures.....

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Law Firms’ Continued Lack of Diversity: Scholars Provide Insight on Reasons and Solutions

Law firms are striving to be more diverse but are facing challenges along the way. This article explains why these chal....

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Why Every Big Firm Practice Area Eventually "Self-Destructs" at Least Once Every Eight Years

Are you safe in your practice area in the long run? Find out how legal practice areas react to a changing economy in th....

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How Attorneys Destroy Their Careers by Choosing the Wrong Law Firms

You should never join a law firm just for the prestige, benefits or compensation offered. Instead, look deeper at the f....

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The Law Firm Lifecycle: Why Some Firms Fail

Law firms are just like any other organization, sometimes achieving great success, and other times going defunct. This ....

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The Heller Case Finishes Questions of “Unfinished Business” for Bankrupt Law Firms

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer ruled this week in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Cali....

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