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My legal placement professional reached out to me on a cold email and I looked her up and we had similar backgrounds so I called her and she made the process really simple. She had me send her my resume, transcript and a writing sample and she sent me a list of firms in a couple days. She made it really easy and it was pretty chill, uncomplicated and easy to understand. Very straight forward. On the BCG front, I appreciated having a bajillion articles on a bunch of different topics that I tend to think about. The liked the app and having all of these resources and articles was very helpful. What I appreciate the most about she is her tenacity and it isn't overbearing. I am sure there are recruiters that are tenacious with a hammer but she is tenacious with a scalpel.A bit of my story with BCG and being hired at Mayer Brown - at first the recruiting manager said they would pass on me and gave a reason, my GPA. My legal placement professional explained to me that they normally don't give a reason and the fact that he did give a reason opened a door for her to chime in and give her perspective to counter their point. Because of that they passed my resume onto the rest of the firm and then I was able to seal the deal through the interview process. She's willingness to do that is really great. I think it is super easy for people to just move on because they already said no. What was great about my legal placement professional is that Mayer Brown was a huge reach for me to get and I feel really lucky; and she knew that and that the chances were low but despite that she doubled down and told the firm why they should consider me. It think it is a testament to her character. Most people would be like "I knew he wasn't going to get it anyway so if I doubled down it won't help the situation since the chances are low so I am just going to move on and use my time more strategically". The fact that she did that changed the course of my career and it meant a lot! She was super friendly, always available no matter the time or day via text or email or call. If I wanted a call she was available right away, no question about it. What I appreciate about my legal placement professional is that she was super supportive and very encouraging. I don't think she just saw me as a job or a box she needed to check. She was interested in who I was as a person and the encouragement she offered me was very tailored. Some people offer general encouragement because that is what you are supposed to do and that can come across as insincere but she provided me with encouragement that wasn't overblow and was very specific to who I was. When she had doubts, she told me she had doubts but at the end of the day she reminded me that I was a good candidate and there can be a win for me. She reminded me that I have a lot to offer. This process is extremely stressful and her being so encouraging made this process a lot easier, so I am really grateful for that.


The UCLA School of Law, Class Of 2018

Placed at Mayer Brown LLP

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