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Planning Your Legal Career

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Why Most Large Law Firms Don't Have Consumer-Facing Practice Areas

This article explains why large law firms tend to focus on something other than consumer-facing practice areas such as family law and trusts and estates. These legal matters are often less profitable, require a different skill set, involve different billing arrangements, and don't align as closely w....

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Understanding Law Firm Compensation: How to Earn a Good Salary as an Attorney

If you're a law student or an attorney looking for a new opportunity in the legal industry, it's important to understand the compensation system law firms use for lawyer compensation. In this article, we'll break down a law firm's total compensation and explain how to earn a good sal....

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The Art of Listening: Why Lawyers Must Listen to Their Clients

Most people would agree that good communication is key to any successful relationship. The lawyer-client relationship is no exception. To provide the best representation possible, lawyers must listen attentively to their clients and be responsive to their needs. This requires open dialogue and a m....

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What You Need to Know About Leaving Law Firms

This article provides insight into why attorneys depart from big law firms. These reasons include an unrealistic workload, an unsupportive culture, a lack of advancement opportunities, and a toxic work environment. Successful lawyers should be aware of these factors to make informed decisions when c....

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The Ultimate Guide to Retirement Plans for Lawyers

When you are a law student or a young lawyer, it is important to start thinking about retirement. Retirement may seem a long way away, but it is never too early to start planning for it. In this article, we will discuss retirement plans for lawyers. We will look in detail at a law firm and partner ....

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Treating Your Career Like a Small Business

SUMMARY:In this insightful article, Harrison Barnes emphasizes the importance of treating your legal career as a busines....

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Is Law School Right for Me? Key Factors to Consider Before Pursuing a Legal Career

SUMMARY:Deciding whether to pursue law school requires careful consideration of various factors. This comprehensive guid....

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Understanding Legal Job Titles: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Legal Careers Across Multiple Industries

SUMMARY:This article is shaped to be a wide-ranging guide, going deep into the many sides of legal titles, ensuring that....

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In-Demand Skills for Attorneys: What Law Firms Want in Their Hires

SUMMARY:In today's dynamic legal landscape, law firms prioritize specific skills when hiring attorneys. Mastery in l....

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Overcoming Academic Setbacks: How Attorneys Can Succeed Despite Less Than Average Law School Grades

SUMMARY:Explore pathways to success in the legal field, even with suboptimal law school grades, through our extensive gu....

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Advantages of Working at a Boutique Law Firm: Is It Right for You?

SUMMARY: This article outlines the benefits of working at a boutique law firm and the advantages of running one. Advanta....

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Cracking the Legal Fortune: Top 10 Practice Areas with the Highest Salaries

SUMMARYThis comprehensive guide reveals the top 10 highest-paying legal practice areas in 2023, offering law students an....

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