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Strategies for Attorneys Transitioning to More Prestigious Law Firms: Regional and ....

SUMMARY:Attorneys looking to move to a more prestigious firm must demonstrate their value as an attorney. This can be done by cultivating relationships with current clients, working on high-profile cases, leveraging lateral opportunities at prestigious firms, joining specialized legal organizations,....

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How to Know If You Are Marketable by a Legal Recruiter

Find out if you have what it takes to be a marketable attorney in this article.

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Lawyer Depression and Anxiety: Why Most Lawyers are Depressed and Anxious Due to ....

Learn what most good attorneys do that causes them to be so unhappy in this article.

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The Similarities between Human Trafficking and Practicing Law: Why Control and Energy Are ....

Learn how you can regain control of your legal career and have the career you are entitled to and deserve in this article.....

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Why Most Law Firm Attorneys Are Angry and Dislike Their Jobs and Lives

Find out what causes so many attorneys to be angry in this article.

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When Should I Decline a Legal Employment Offer?

You've been offered a great legal job – congratulations! But now you're wondering if it's too soon to turn it down. He....

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Should I Use My Network Instead of a Legal Recruiter for Job Applications?

Question: I have friends at a number of the firms I am interested in. Wouldn’t I be better served to go through my con....

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Five-Part Mindset for Legal Job Search Success

Getting a new legal job can be exciting but daunting at the same time. There are so many things to think about, from whe....

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What Strategies Do You Have to Recommend for Applying to Law Firms That Do Not Have Openings?

You can research the firms in your practice area, and you can find the firms that do the kind of work in your practice a....

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For Legal Internships That Were More Than Five Years Ago, Should They Be Listed (e.g., 2018 to 2023)?

If they were in law school, and you worked in an area that's relevant to what you're doing, or they were with a prestigi....

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How Can I Be Recognized for My Work as an Attorney and Not as a Politician?

**I've been practicing since 1996. My first eight years were in firms—litigation and real estate—and the last part o....

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What Should I Do About My Résumé or Strategies to Maximize My Chance for Law Firm Offers?

This article advises someone with an MBA interested in employment law and working in a law firm. It outlines strategies ....

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