Why Attorneys and Law Students Often Have a Difficult Time Finding Law Firm Jobs
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Many attorneys start a search for a new position and expect doors to open immediately. If a search does not produce quick results, they give up and decide that something is wrong. They may determine they should be in another profession, use another recruiter, and stop using job sites that they are bad networkers — you name it. When you are looking for a position, your self-esteem can often take a significant hit when you are not getting the results you believe you should be getting immediately.

I regularly work with attorneys who get incredibly frustrated when they do not get immediate results—they often stay where they are and many attorneys even give up the practice of law entirely. In contrast, the attorneys I work with who stick with the process and remain engaged almost always get results in the long run. In some cases, you can end up getting a dream job—something you may have thought was never attainable—after months, or sometimes years, of searching. Attorneys who do long searches also often end up appreciating their next jobs far more, learning not to take jobs for granted.