Learning how to get law firms to want you is crucial to getting law firm job offers.

Several years ago, a third-year attorney working for the US Attorney’s Office in Hawaii contacted me looking for a position. He had gone to Harvard Law School, had done well there and wanted to return to California. He had submitted his resume to 15 of the best law firms in Los Angeles but had not received a single interview. He was depressed and seemed to think that everything was over.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

“I thought it was smarter for me to apply on my own,” he told me.

I got involved and within two weeks he had interviews at 10 of the 15 firms. Firms were so interested in him that they started blowing up my phone to schedule interviews. He ended up getting several offers. He wrote me a long thank you letter and told me how grateful his family was for the work I had done.

What did I do that made all of this happen the way it did? Why was I able to help him when he was unable to help himself? What did I know that enabled me to get him so many interviews when he could not get any on his own?