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Intellectual Property Trademark/Copyright Attorney


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Summary: Learn more about what it is like to be an Intellectual Property Trademark/Copyright attorney in this article.
What Does an Intellectual Property Trademark/Copyright Attorney Do?

Why Do Intellectual Property Trademark/Copyright Attorneys Enjoy Their Jobs?
  • Attorneys who enjoy this work like dealing with companies and helping them protect their intellectual property.
  • This work also typically involves projects that can be turned around fairly quickly.
  • This is also a good practice area for young attorneys because they can get up to speed quite quickly on the law and get busy.
  • A lot of the work involves cease and desist letters and prosecuting trademark applications, which is not overly complex.
  • There are also not a lot of trademark attorneys out there, so they can be marketable when there are openings.
  • This practice area supports other practice areas in the firm, and even the largest law firms may only have one or two attorneys dedicated to this work.
  • One benefit of this practice area is that there tend to consistently be a few good in-house opportunities around the country at most points in time.
What Are the Difficulties of Being an Intellectual Property Trademark/Copyright Attorney?
  • This can be a risky practice area because it does not require a ton of training to learn.
  • This means that associates typically do not have long shelf lives in most law firms and their value does not increase as they get more senior.
  • Law firms tend to cycle through trademark attorneys and then let them go after a few years to hire cheaper ones with lower billing rates.
  • This practice area is also very dependent on the economy and is only busy when new businesses are starting and law firms are busy.
  • When law firms are slow, they may let the trademark attorneys go and have patent attorneys in the firm (who tend to be more highly regarded) do the work instead.
  • This is a difficult practice area to build a career in and very few attorneys do.
How Easy Is It to Move Laterally as an Intellectual Property Trademark/Copyright Attorney?
  • From a legal recruiting standpoint, there have never been a ton of positions in trademark law.
  • At any one time, there are very few across the country at major law firms. This is a very difficult practice area for attorneys to last very long in.
  • What is most frightening about this practice area is that in a down economy, or when an attorney loses his or her job (for whatever reason), the attorney may have a next to impossible time finding a position with another law firm.
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