What Do Intellectual Property Attorneys Do? Guide to Intellectual Property Law for Attorneys and Law Students

A. What is Intellectual Property Law?


1. Intellectual Property is a Term Encompassing Several Different Fields

A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

On a daily basis, attorneys call us and say they want to become an intellectual property lawyer. We are always interested in talking to an attorney with experience in intellectual property law because it is, generally speaking, one of hottest practice areas in the United States. Most sophisticated firms in every market that we serve have an interest in intellectual property attorneys with certain backgrounds. However, "intellectual property law" is a very general term. There are many types of intellectual property law, and many areas of intellectual property law are not hot at all. To define what intellectual property law means and what’s hot and what’s not is very important to our discussion.

One of the most amusing facets of intellectual property law to us is that unless someone is practicing it, or quite familiar with it, he/she is unlikely to have a good idea about what the meaning of intellectual property law is. We have found that there is a bit of confusion with respect to what it really means to be an intellectual property lawyer.