Everything You Know About Finding a Legal Job Is Wrong: You've Likely Fallen for the Worst Piece of Attorney Job Search Advice Ever
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Just about the craziest thing I have ever come across is the belief—which comes from who knows where—that attorneys should not be marketed to a lot of firms. Incredibly, this is an unfounded and counterproductive belief that is promoted to attorneys by their peers, by law school career services offices, by legal recruiters and just about everyone out there you can imagine.

As a result, the majority of attorneys are either never employed, underemployed, unhappily employed, employed in cities they do not want to be employed in, under compensated, stressed out, miserable, dying, living with their parents, confused about why they have a law degree, or dead.
As a preliminary matter, I would like to get something straight: There is nothing wrong with looking for a job. In fact, everyone does it—including the President, the CEO of giant corporations, Donald Trump and, yes, attorneys. In order to get a job you need to apply to a lot of places, talk to a lot of people and market yourself broadly. You are a business and need to be seen to be purchased. Are you above General Motors, Boeing, Coke, Apple, IBM and other businesses that also need to be seen and spend billions advertising annually?