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When Is the Best Time of Year for Attorneys to Look for New Positions?

Are you thinking about looking for a new job as an attorney? Find out when you should start in this article.....

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The Only Thing That Attorneys Should Consider When Accepting or Leaving a Legal Job

Are you thinking about leaving a legal job or accepting a new one? Make sure you consider this very important factor be....

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How Attorneys Can Get a Job During and After a Federal Clerkship

Find out what you should do to get your next legal job after gaining experience in a federal clerkship.....

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Everything You Know About Finding a Legal Job Is Wrong: You've Likely Fallen for the Worst Piece of Attorney Job Search Advice Ever

Find out why you should avoid this attorney job search advice at all costs if you want to do well in your career as an ....

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Seven Sample Attorney Business Plans: Why Attorneys Must Have Business Plans

Why should you worry about developing personal business plans as an attorney? Learn why this is so important and read s....

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6 Things You Should Consider Before Making a Lateral Move to a New Law Firm

Should I Stay or Should I Go? The ClashAccepting an entry level job at a law firm is a big career hurdle for a law stude....

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Meet Robert Kinney, Our Senior Recruiter in Texas: A Profile of BCG's Texas Presence

Profile: Robert E. KinneyThis month we profile Robert Kinney, the newest member of our team, who established the Texas o....

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