Some attorney candidates do not fully appreciate the importance of cover letters. Instead, they assume that their resume will do all of the "selling." While resumes are certainly important, they are very limited in their format, content and space. Cover letters, by contrast, do not have any such limitations. Consequently, the cover letter is clearly the most effective opportunity to create a critical positive first impression and to successfully "sell" the candidate to the firm. Even when the attorney does understand the importance of a good cover letter, however, they often do not know how to write one properly. This is understandable, and it is also one of the reasons why at BCG Attorney Search all cover letters are typically written by our top tier recruiters. Thus, having your cover letter done by a top tier professional is clearly the best way to go if you want to maximize your chances of obtaining an interview.
How to Prepare Outstanding Cover Letters

This is not always possible, of course. Accordingly, this article will provide a general guide for attorneys on how to construct a winning cover letter. Even where a candidate has retained a top notch recruiter - such as at BCG - it is to the candidate's advantage to have at least a general understanding of such letters. The letter or at least its content is likely to come up in interviews. Moreover, the best cover letters are not the ones that are written entirely by top tier recruiters. The best cover letters are written by top tier recruiters with substantial input from the candidate. Even the most practiced and brilliant recruiter does not possess the deep insight and knowledge that the candidate has regarding their own practice, experience, goals, reasons for looking, etc.