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Sarah is just a great spirited person and very energetic and lots of great ideas. She kept everything going and on the ball. BCG has a really great computer generated programs that really keep you motivated and keep you focused on what you are doing and Sarah worked will with it to keep your focus. I think that is what really sets [BCG] apart! I haven't used a recruiter in a while but from what I recall no one has had a system like that in the past and you guys really stand out in that regard.[BCG made my job search] a million times easier! You really took the burden of digging off of me and presented a lot of firms that I would have never thought of - including the place I am going to. You found all the jobs for me and presented them to me and I was able to just say Yes or No. You did all the leg work for me and once the ball got rolling and I had some interviews going I was able to shine from there. The idea of putting my resume out to firms that are not necessarily looking is a really phenomenal idea. I am not sure if the firm that took me in for interviews were actively looking or just starting to look but I think that is what actually happened.Sarah's positive attitude was really great and I will absolutely recommend her to anybody I know that is looking to move. Sarah was a pleasure to work with. I started this process slowly a couple years ago and I recently started it up again with Sarah - in the meantime I had reached out to a couple other New York based recruiter's and had some really negative experiences with them. They would tell me that since I had been in house for the past couple years and since I hasn't been as active and don't have an active client base and they pretty much just told me I was "out to pasture" and Sarah had a totally different take on that. She would tell me "don't worry about it, we're going to get through this and find your place" and sure enough I did. Not only that, I found a place that I didn't ever think I could be as happy with the situation I am in. Sarah also advised me well when I had multiple offers at the same time; she really helped me navigate that process. She did an excellent job from start to finish. I appreciate that she cared about me and not just her fee. It was really about me and that is RARE! She really encouraged me to apply to places that were good for me for where I am in my life and she also did a lot of research on the firms before sending me there.

Lynn Consentino

Yale Law School, Class Of 1995

Placed at DelBello Donnellan Weingarten Wise & Wiederkehr, LLP

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