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Question:I recently interviewed for a new job.I thought the interview went well but it has been three weeks and I haven't heard anything regarding my application.I've followed up with the HR Director and she never responded. Is this common?What can I do?

What Should I Do If I Don’t Hear Back After A Good Interview?

Answer: As frustrating as it is to not hear back from a potential employer, you are not alone.It is very common for employers to respond only to the candidates in which they are interested.I'm not saying that I agree with this approach (and as a former Recruiting Director for a major law firm, it was our policy to respond to every candidate who interviewed with us) as it certainly doesn't leave the candidate with a good impression of the firm or company.However, there are several reasons as to why a potential employer may leave you hanging.First, the potential employer may not have made a decision on your candidacy.Hiring decisions can be complicated and they often involve input from many busy people.It can be difficult to get all of the stakeholders to agree on a candidate which can draw out the hiring process.Second, the potential employer may have made an offer to another candidate and is waiting to see if that candidate will accept before cutting you loose (in other words - you may be their number two or number three candidate in line for the position).Third, the potential employer may have gotten caught up in the hiring of another candidate and just hasn't gotten a chance to get back to you to let you know that you didn't get the job.As a recruiter, I try very hard to get feedback for all of my candidates who apply to positions.However, regardless of the amount of phone calls, emails and follow up I conduct, sometimes a firm is just non-responsive.If two months go by and you still haven't heard anything, you can probably safely assume that you did not get the position.Try not to harp on it, and think about it as an opportunity to have gotten good interviewing experience.