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I'd say right from the get-go you guys were very detail-oriented, really focused on my particular profile and helped me build my skills and draft my resume in a way that will be good for me. We started working just a year ago. Throughout the year, I was always contacted by the team that had placements to offer, and you kept on searching and a year after we started working together, it all panned out. It's been great.

I think it made it significantly easier in that instead of me having to look for the positions that would be a match for my profile, which is very time consuming, even though you may have LinkedIn or other services that help you, it's just time consuming and frustrating because you work on it so hard and then it's not always good news after you present your credentials. Having that done for me made the process significantly easier on my schedule and allowed me to focus on my current work and my academic activities instead of dedicating a couple hours every day or every week to do a job search.

I think, hands down, the best. Absolutely, the best. The first conversations that we've had, your team always read my curriculum before having the conversation with me. They did research on my profile, and what was I good at, and my publications. They knew all of that before talking to me, so they were able to keep the conversation very on point, very productive, because they already knew what my profile was. That's something that nobody else did for me. It's been great, really, absolutely great.

Alfonso Vilaboa

Georgetown University Law Center, Class Of 2018

Placed at Day & Associates, LLC

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