Summary: Are you waiting to hear back from a law firm about your application or interview? Find out the most common reasons law firms are unresponsive in this article.

This article discusses legal recruiting coordinators, one of the most important roles in the legal profession and a profession that all attorneys need to understand if they are seeking positions in midsized to larger law firms. Not everything this article has to say is flattering.

There are over 25,000 legal recruiting coordinators that we are aware of at BCG Attorney Search and the majority of them are excellent; however, just as there are attorneys that are not great at their jobs, or legal recruiters not good at their jobs, not everyone is good at being a legal recruiting coordinator either. A bad attorney can impact the result a client gets in a case, just as a bad legal recruiter can hurt your job search chances—and it is not different with legal recruiting coordinators.

At BCG Attorney Search our goal is to tell it like it is. We are in a competitive profession and this requires understanding all of the players.

For a more comprehensive review of legal recruiting coordinators please review this article here: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Legal Recruiting Coordinators and Their Role in the Attorney and Law Student Hiring Process, Most legal recruiting coordinators are excellent, take their jobs extremely seriously and are integral and crucial to the hiring process in all respects.

What does it mean when you don’t hear from a law firm after your interview?

One of the most frustrating things for lateral attorneys is applying for positions at law firms and then hearing nothing back from the firms. This can happen when a candidate has sent an application and is waiting for a response, or after a candidate has gone through an interview at the firm. There are many reasons why this happens, and to understand this phenomenon you first need to understand how lateral recruiting is done inside of most law firms.

A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes
How Lateral Legal Recruiting Is Done Inside of Law Firms

Law firms do their recruiting in two ways. The first way is through a recruiter or a recruiter’s candidate making contact with a law firm’s recruiting department. The second way is through a recruiter or recruiter’s candidate making contact with a partner, associate, or someone else at the firm that the recruiter or candidate personally knows. If you are applying to a large, important firm, you should almost always use the first way, and go through the firm’s recruiting department. However, if you are applying to a smaller law firm without the resources for a recruiting department, then you should go through someone you know. A resume that goes to the designated recruiting person in the recruiting department will almost always go to a partner anyway.