3 Questions Frequently Asked by Corporate Attorneys about Career Changes
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

I am a graduate of a top three law school. My grades from there are average (middle of the class). I went into corporate law because I plan on running my own business someday and I thought a knowledge of corporate law would be useful. On the other hand, I preferred litigation (I worked at a legal aid clinic while in law school, both summers I did litigation work). I have been very disenchanted with corporate work because as a second year associate in a large New York firm, to date I have done very little that would be really useful in running a business. In fact, I feel the most useful things to that end that I have done as a corporate lawyer have been the kind that any good paralegal could take care of.

In any event, things are really slow in the corporate department and I have found myself twiddling my thumbs a lot. The paucity in my corporate position aside, I am not enchanted with corporate work and would like to switch to corporate litigation. My present firm has a pretty good litigation department, but they have sent all of the incoming class into litigation, so there aren't any places. I also want to start afresh somewhere else. Here is what I am wondering before I make the switch: