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[Working with BCG] was very easy. I worked with my legal placement professional because I had responded to some listings online and she got right in touch with me. She did a lot of the work and just kept me in the loop. It was very helpful. I felt confident that she was looking at listings that I probably didn't have access to...when I accepted an offer it did make me confident that I was accepting a good offer. I felt confident that I wasn't leaving anything on the table that I would have found otherwise. That gave me some confidence too. I would say [BCG is] helpful. I guess the second word I would think of is quick because it really wasn't long after I got in touch with my legal placement professional that I ended up with an interview and then an offer. So that was great. As far as a third one, I guess efficient. I never actually met my legal placement professional in person, we talked on the phone [and] we emailed. But I really didn't have to put a whole lot of time into the relationship. I had a positive experience working with you all, I ended up with a result that I'm very pleased with and I didn't really have to do a lot to maintain that relationship. My legal placement professional really drove that process. Bottom line: I would say to somebody there really is nothing to lose contacting you all. If I was going to do any one thing differently, to me I would have been a little better off if I had known to stay in touch with my legal placement professional a little bit more. Once I was contacted to do a phone interview...after the phone interview I came down to San Diego for an in person interview. It was really only after I had received an offer that I then got back in touch with my legal placement professional. I think I might have been a little better off if I had stayed in touch with her more. Like [telling her] I have a phone interview coming up [and] we should confer...I think I would have been a little better off if I had more information going into those. I just didn't understand that it would have been important to keep in touch. Just because it was going so efficiently and it was run well, kind of remotely, so I thought it was just kind of on autopilot. That is the one [piece of] advice I would give to other people in my position.

Mark Hertel

Columbia University Law School, Class Of 2006

Placed at Feldman & Feldman Associates, APC

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