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While lawyers concerned about the best possible presentation on their resumes(as we all should be!) may agonize over formatting and fonts, the key to creating a powerful resumes simplicity. Often, a resumes that leaves the best impression is one that's been edited to remove extraneous content, leaving the most relevant parts for the potential employer's review. Being concise, relevant, and punchy is generally wildly more effective than verbosity and superciliousness.

It's Bathing Suit Season! Time to Trim the Fat on your Resume

There are as many opinions on writing résumés as there are fish in the sea. While your résumé should look neat and cleanly formatted, the rule that must be followed when preparing your résumé for a law firm is this:

Résumés best tailored for law firm jobs are concise, chronologically organized, and streamlined. Do not distract the reader from your experience and your accomplishment.

There are specific elements of a résumé where lawyers tend to get trapped into providing information that really doesn't advance them in terms of convincing a potential employer to interview or hire a candidate. With the following exception, information that isn't relevant to a hiring decision should be carefully scrutinized before it appears on your résumé.