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What Reason Should I Give for Not Transferring to Another Branch Office with My Firm?

Q: I am currently a second-year associate at a national firm in Boston. Though my grades were very average, I interviewed with the firm when the economy was booming, and was hired as a summer student. I should also mention that I graduated from a very high ranking law school.

I recently became engaged to an investment banker in New York. I asked the managing partner of my Boston firm about the possibilities of transferring to the New York office. He said not to worry, and set me up with the New York office for a round of interviews.

Unfortunately, the New York office will not hire me. I have not been given any reasons, either by the New York office of my firm, or from anyone in Boston.

The immediate fallout from this is that some of the partners in my own department have stopped giving me assignments, saying that they do not want to waste their time with me since my goal is to be in New York. A few partners insisted that I be kept on because my work is good. So, for the moment, I still have a job.

I still want to move to New York, and have been quietly looking at other firms there. However, the few interviews that I have had with large national firms have not been successful. Everyone asks me why I do not just transfer to the New York office of my Boston firm. My response is that the firms don't, as a matter of practice, transfer junior associates around that easily. This answer is difficult to swallow for firms that do, in fact, transfer people around. What should I tell firms when they ask why I just don’t transfer to the New York office of my current firm?
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