Why Most Attorneys Screw Up Interviews and Their Legal Careers
When a law firm interviews you, they want to hire you. If you do things right, you have a 90% chance of getting the following interview and a job offer. It costs money and time to interview you; they do not want you to screw up. They are losing money without you; they need you. Nevertheless, most candidates screw up their interviews.
Candidates who screw up in their interviews remain underemployed and underpaid. They act in a way that limits their career trajectory. Law firms reject and expel these bad interviewers like the plague. All of this is about something other than what you want. It is about giving others what they want. None of this is about your ego and what you think you deserve. It is about being something different than 95% of all attorneys are. This is why most attorneys do not get the jobs they are interviewing for, never get business, and never have the careers they are capable of having.