Law Schools That Send the Most Attorneys to United States Supreme Court Clerkships

SCOTUS Composition, by Justices’ Law Schools


For the current roster of high court justices, Harvard Law School is represented by the following alumni: Chief Justice Johns Roberts; Anthony Kennedy; Stephen Breyer; Elena Kagan; and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who graduated from Columbia Law School after attending Harvard Law).

The Yale Law School graduates are Clarence Thomas; Samuel Alito; and Sonia Sotomayor.

Recently deceased Antonin Scalia also graduated from Harvard Law School, as did Neil Gorsuch, the man who is expected to assume Justice Scalia’s seat on the high court.

 SCOTUS Composition, by Law Clerks’ Law Schools


As depicted on the chart below, the Harvard-Yale trend we see with Supreme Court justices also applies with SCOTUS law clerks. Dating back since 1960, graduates of Harvard Law School lead the list of youngsters privileged enough to clerk for a Supreme Court justice, followed by graduates of Yale Law School. During that period, Harvard sent 491 law clerks to the high court and Yale sent 378. Since 1960, Harvard has always led Yale (as well as every other law school) in sending clerks to the Supreme Court, except for the period from 2010 to the present, when Yale sent 91 clerks and Harvard sent 90.