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How to Get an Attorney Position During and After Your Judicial Clerkship

Over the past several years, I have worked with countless law clerks and gotten them positions during and after their fe....

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Law Schools That Send the Most Attorneys to United States Supreme Court Clerkships

There are over 200 law schools in the United States, yet the current United States Supreme Court—the highest court in ....

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Judicial Clerkships: Not All Are Equal But Not All Need to Be

As a legal recruiter (and one whose husband is currently a 3L in law school) I often get asked by candidates and law sch....

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Will Doing a Legal Clerkship Enhance My Marketability as an Attorney?

A state court clerkship will generally enhance your marketability if you are planning on working in the state where you ....

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How Law Students Can Decide Whether or Not They Should Clerk for a Judge: Should You Do a Clerkship or Not?

Most law students believe that clerking with a judge improves their marketability.However, there’s more to clerking th....

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What Skills Do You Learn in Judicial Clerkships that Help You in Private Practice?

What things can you do to maximize the value of judicial clerkship or other government experiences in preparing for pri....

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How Attorneys Can Get a Job During and After a Federal Clerkship

Find out what you should do to get your next legal job after gaining experience in a federal clerkship.....

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