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How Lawyers Can Change Their Practice Area in a Law Firm

Listen to This Podcast on:Many attorneys seem to choose the prestige of a law firm without considering the practice area in which they will be working.This is why a large number of attorneys find themselves in the wrong practice area.While switching practice areas can be difficult, it is not entirel....

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Why an Attorney Should Never Switch Law Firm Jobs Too Often: Law Firms Will Not Trust You ....

Most attorneys from large firms move at least once or twice during their first three to five years of practice. However, if you are looking at your third or fourth firm in your second year of practice, something is wrong. Several times a day, we see resumes of attorneys attempting to do this, and fo....

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The Most Important Characteristic Attorneys Need to Succeed and Why It Is Almost ....

Learn why so many attorneys lose their confidence and why protecting your confidence will allow you to succeed when others around you fail.....

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Don't Give Up! Why You Should Work with the Best Law Firm You Can as Long as You Can

Before you leave your law firm, consider whether you want to give up these 5 major benefits law firms give your legal career.....

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How Important Is It for Attorneys to Work at a Major Law Firm?

Learn the 10 reasons it is extremely important for attorneys to work in major law firms.

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Unlocking the Path to Partnership: Strategic Career Advancement for Attorneys

SUMMARYEmbark on a strategic journey towards partnership with our in-depth guide designed for attorneys seeking career a....

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Navigating New Horizons: Mastering the Art of Lateral Moves in the Legal World

Imagine you're standing at a crossroads, one path leading to the familiar comforts of your current legal market, the oth....

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From Associate to Partner: Essential Steps for Climbing the Law Firm Career Ladder

SUMMARY:Navigating the journey from associate to partner in a law firm requires a strategic blend of legal expertise, le....

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Mastering Your Law Firm Exit: Essential Strategies for Attorneys on the Move

Leaving a law firm can be a crucial step in a lawyer's career. With an average tenure of 5.4 years for lawyers, it's not....

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What You Need to Know About Leaving Law Firms

This article provides insight into why attorneys depart from big law firms. These reasons include an unrealistic workloa....

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Why You Should Never Give Up Your Law Firm Job Search: Lessons in Law Firm Job Search from an Abandoned Bangkok Street Puppy, Two Attorney Crystal Meth Addicts and an Attorney Computer Repairman

Listen to This Podcast on:Giving up your search is the most serious mistake you can make.Many people are not reaching th....

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Why You Should (and Should Not) Open a Solo Law Practice

Listen to This Podcast on: Listen to Why You Should (and Should Not) Open a Solo Law Practice PodcastSomething tha....

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