How Attorneys Can Excell in Second Round Law Firm Interviews and Get More Job Offers: A Complete Guide

Last week, I spoke with a candidate who has been unemployed for over a year. I was initially surprised that he had been unemployed for so long, given his apparently stellar qualifications. But I soon realized the problem: He was making mistakes in the way he handled himself during second round interviews and as a result he was not getting job offers.

“I always get past first interviews with law firms, but after a second round interview they never hire me,” he told me. “They seem to like me after the first time they meet me but not after.”

  • It is not uncommon for attorneys with strong qualifications to consistently “blow” second round interviews. In fact, I have spoken with attorneys who may have been on 25+ second round interviews over the course of a year and still not gotten a single job offer. Obviously, something is very wrong: The attorney is able to get in the door and invited back but is not able to “close the deal.” I am going to tell you what these attorneys are doing wrong so that you do not make the same mistakes.
  • It is not uncommon for attorneys with average qualifications to consistently “crush” every second round interview and almost always get offers. These are attorneys who tell me “just get me in the door” and proceed to always get job offers, seemingly no matter what and every time. There are things that these attorneys know how to do that other attorneys do not. I am going to tell you what these attorneys do so that you can get offers from as many second round interviews as possible.

A law firm job search can be an ordeal, especially when the process involves (1) applying for jobs, (2) getting first round interviews, (3) doing well at first round interviews, (4) going to second round interviews and then (5) not getting an offer. Attorneys who consistently lose out after second round interviews end up hurt and bewildered. I will help you avoid this by sharing several foolproof law firm call back interview tips in this article.


A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Imagine how you would feel if this happened to you 20+ times over six months. It can be devastating – and after so many failures many attorneys simply give up practicing law. Some find themselves being divorced by their wives, who cannot figure out why they cannot get a job. Others become incredibly depressed and take jobs way beneath them. The inability of attorneys to do well in second round interviews is a serious problem, but the good news is that it is also easily fixable if you know the rules.

In this article I discuss what to do and what not do in second round interviews so you get more job offers. Keep reading to learn how to ace your call-back interview with a firm.