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  • On almost a daily basis, aspersions are cast over the legal sector.
  • Lawyers are liars.
  • They can’t be trusted.
  • They’re secretive, and in constant fear of losing their jobs.
  • Other than that, work as an attorney can be hugely satisfying.

Summary: Although it is often portrayed in a negative light, the practice of law is a wonderful profession to be a part of. Learn why in this article.

Learn why the law is such a wonderful profession to be a part of in this article.

Most of the news I hear about practicing law is consistently negative—in fact, there is so much negative news about practicing law it is difficult to speak to an attorney or read a legal publication without hearing or seeing something negative about it.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

However, practicing law is not really all that bad. In fact, it can be about the clearest path to security, wealth and prestige there is. The complaints related to practicing law tend to follow the ups and downs of the economy and the demands that are placed on attorneys at the very high end of the profession.
  • On the one hand, during a bad economy, only attorneys from the very best schools and who have the very best grades are generally employable. The lack of opportunity for attorneys without these credentials is no different than is experienced by people without such credentials in most other professions.
  • On the other hand, attorneys wishing to enter “the Olympics” of practicing law and to work at the largest law firms with the highest salaries often resent the demands on their time. But the highest paying jobs in all professions are generally extremely demanding.