Learn why the law is such a wonderful profession to be a part of in this article.

In this article, readers will learn many of the good reasons for practicing law and how being an attorney is a hard-to-match career in terms of money, prestige, potential variety of work, and opportunities to get involved in politics, public service, and issues of national and international importance.
A. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes

Most of the news I hear about practicing law is consistently negative. There is so much of this that it is difficult to speak to an attorney or read a legal publication without hearing or seeing something negative about it.

However, practicing law is not really all that bad. In fact, it can be about the clearest path to security, wealth, and prestige there is. The complaints related to practicing law tend to follow the ups and downs of the economy and the demands placed on attorneys at the very high end of the profession.
Regardless of how you stack it, practicing law has its ups and downs. Nevertheless, attorneys who dwell on the “negatives” often miss the huge “positives” that go along with being an attorney. All in all, the positives of practicing law far exceed those of most other professions.

Attorneys are trained—by nature—to find fault in everything, and so attorneys find fault with their profession just as they find fault with the arguments of their opponents. Attorneys typically go into the practice of law because they are very ambitious. Until they go to law school and start practicing law, most of these attorneys have never been surrounded by people as ambitious as they are. Set against each other and competing for a slice of prestige, recognition, money, or jobs, attorneys can become cynical when they do not get everything they are accustomed to getting. They get even angrier and more cynical during recessions. Then when things are good, they start feeling entitled, envious of other attorneys, demanding more money, and the cycle repeats itself again and again.
No other profession offers the opportunity to do so many things. When attorneys complain to me about regretting going to a school or about being attorneys in general, I like to remind them of the following positive things about practicing law. The reality is that no other profession offers so many potential benefits as the law does:

1. Most Attorneys Earn Much More Money Than They Would Otherwise

Just about anyone can get into law school, graduate, and pass the bar exam. Certain schools and bar exams are indeed more challenging than others, but for the most part, it is fairly easy to go to school and become an attorney if you set your mind to it.