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BCG Attorney Search was founded on the principle that things could be improved in the legal-recruiting industry, and we have used state-of-the-art technology to make that happen. This technology, which is unequaled by any other legal-recruiting company, allows us to be more attentive to our clients and more in tune with the changing needs of lawyers in the information age than previously thought possible in this industry.

A More Personal Experience
It may seem odd to extol the virtues of technology in allowing us to be more personal with our candidates, but it's true. Because much of the recruiting process is automated here, our recruiters have more time to spend prepping the candidates for their interviews, offers, and new jobs. This personal attention goes a long way in making us able to represent our candidates confidently and effectively to law firms.

While we certainly take a traditional, professional approach in dealing with our law firm clients, including sending long, detailed letters championing the client's credentials via the old-fashioned U.S. Postal Service, we like to think that the technology we employ on behalf of our candidates has allowed us to eliminate some of the more problematic elements of recruiting that attorneys often complain about:

1. "We never hear back from recruiters."
Due to the nature of the recruiting business, no recruiter can take on every attorney who contacts him/her. For many attorneys who try to sign up with a recruiter, this means their attempts to contact a recruiter are ignored. At BCG, when attorneys sign up for accounts on our website, they are guaranteed to have their information reviewed for possible position matches by a recruiter. The database enables us to give careful consideration to each candidate and properly evaluate whether he/she can fill any of our current positions. Whether or not he/she matches any of the positions, the candidate WILL hear back from us. We believe that anyone who takes the time to contact us deserves at least that.

Our recruiting database, which was built from scratch to allow us to have the exact features we thought were important, also allows for candidates who may not have been matches at the time they first applied to be reconsidered for future openings. Countless times, we have made placements of candidates whom we initially did not believe we could help.

Every candidate who signs up with BCG Attorney Search for assistance with his/her job search is carefully considered by one of our legal recruiters for the positions we are currently trying to fill.

2. "I am working with a recruiter...I think."
Many recruiters divide their time between so many candidates that they have very little time to devote enough attention to any one person. This means that the candidate's questions often go unanswered and the status of his/her job search is left a mystery. At BCG, when you log in to your account on our website, you can see exactly what firms you have agreed to be submitted to and the current status of that submission, all in real time. You can monitor the progress of your job search 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, the more automated the process is, the more time our recruiters have to answer any questions or concerns.

Keep track of the results of your job search online by viewing the results of the applications that BCG has made on your behalf-updated in real time!

3. "My recruiter hardly submitted me anywhere."
In our jobs database, we list every position that we are currently trying to fill, meaning our recruiters will be able to automatically pull up any and all positions that a candidate could possibly match. Our database is also completely searchable by candidates, which means a candidate can choose positions to throw into the mix that his/her recruiter may not have initially thought would be appropriate.

Not every BCG candidate is automatically considered a viable applicant for every opening we are trying to fill. Find new jobs and let your recruiter know that you are interested in them.

4. "It's so difficult to get a hold of my recruiter."
Due to the busy workday of a recruiter (and sometimes due to his/her lax work ethic), reaching a recruiter sometimes can be more difficult than finding a position. With BCG's chat feature, all of our recruiters are reachable via a special messaging service on our site. Current and potential candidates are invited to talk about their job searches with any of our talented recruiters.

Because we operate in three time zones, BCG recruiters are available to chat with anyone seeking career advice, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.

Our proprietary database is by far the most advanced in the United States, and most likely the world. We employ hundreds of researchers who work around the clock, seven days a week. They monitor all jobs on the Internet (including law firms' websites) and add each new one to the database as it appears. All the latest jobs are only a mouse click away.

Advanced application submission process and cover letter creation tools greatly enhance the efficiency of the recruiters.

Our candidates can access our database to perform a multitude of important functions. For instance, they can add/remove jobs to/from their accounts whenever they wish. In turn, their corresponding recruiters will be immediately alerted of any change to a candidate's account. Also, candidates are emailed job alerts when a job matching their profile is added to the database.

When the recruiters are pondering to which firms to submit their candidates, the database demonstrates its value. It actually guides the recruiters based on the candidates' profiles by recognizing which firms would be considered matches for the candidates' credentials and experience based on a survey of the open jobs and their attendant requirements.

Automated profile data gathering and storage make information organization a cakewalk.

A profile questionnaire that aids the recruiters is completed by all candidates. The information contained therein facilitates the recruiters in their efforts to personally write detailed, all-encompassing cover letters on behalf of their candidates when submitting them to firms. These cover letters become part of the electronic submissions that firms receive from BCG. The electronic submissions themselves are subject to a three-step quality check, which involves experienced editors reviewing the materials for tone, content, clarity, and format. Only upon an editor's approval is anything forwarded to firms.

Seamless quality control, yet independent of the recruiters, ensures that the candidates get the best representation.

Following the occurrence of that event, the database keeps the recruiters apprised by sending them reminders regarding pending submissions. This greatly enhances the recruiters' efforts to communicate with firms. Recruiters have at their disposal various tools (mass email among them) and advanced graphical user interface (GUI) search functions to assist them in maximizing their efficiency.

The database is further employed by recruiters to pass along interview guides, salary surveys, pertinent articles, and other relevant information to candidates as they enter the interviewing stage of their candidacy.

In a time when practically everything can be done online-from finding a date to ordering a pizza-we offer attorneys more online recruiting services than any other recruiting firm because we understand the changing role that technology is playing in the legal field. Our clients have come to expect a user-friendly environment, and the technology that we have built enables us to provide that. That is why we have chosen to hire full-time computer programmers and to build a database that is continually developing and growing, helping our recruiters to be among the most successful in the industry. Our technology allows us to recruit in a way that has never been done, and our track record shows its success.